• Jeffrey Barrett

    Interactive Director, Partner & Co-Founder

    Jeff has over 10 years experience in the interactive marketing industry. He is largely a LAMP developer, but also is experienced in iOS programming and motion graphics production.

    Before co-founding DIVUPS, Jeff was the Interactive Director at a large advertising agency where he oversaw the full life-cycles of over 100 interactive projects.

    He is a proponent of cross-browser, semantic coding practices and loves finding new ways to solve old problems.

    Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree from the Florida State University in Information Technology with a minor in Digital Media.

    Focuses: Development, Orlando Magic, FSU, Husband, Father

  • Ralph Millard

    Creative Director, Partner & Co-Founder

    Known for visionary design and passion for all things pixel, Ralph has been designing for the digital world for more than half of his 10+ year career.

    Form and function merge gracefully in his work, and he’s known for original thinking, digital strategy, and targeted visual communications that deliver clear results.

    Sometimes the critical thinker, sometimes the risk taker, and always the “go to” guy, he has the rare ability to balance the spontaneous, inherently rebellious intensity of creativity with the discipline and methodology of production.

    Focuses: Business owner, UI/UX design, learning how to be a father

  • Keith Tintle

    Account Director & Partner

    Keith has over 14 years of experience in the marketing industry. During that time, he has developed and implemented marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries for both domestic and international clientele.

    Known for his logical approach and marketing savvy, Keith has extensive experience leading client service teams in the development of complex and dynamic interactive projects.

    Keith received his Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in Mass Communications and International Marketing.

    Focuses: Clients, Marketing, Yankees, Family

  • Collin Garvey

    Senior Developer

    Collin is a Web Software Developer with a strong interest in the progressive web. He enjoys experimenting with and creating new technology to expand his knowledge and perspective of the possibilities of the internet.

    In recent years he’s done work for a fortune 500 company (Citigroup), ad agencies, a web app with hundreds of thousands of active users, e-commerce web sites, and a conceptual alpha which turned into VC funded company.

    This wide range of experience has forged Collin into a well-rounded developer with a genuine passion and love for creating great web experiences.

    Focuses: Web Software Development, Web Application Design, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Ideation