• Senior Web Developer

    This position is for a full-time, salaried, on premise Senior Web Developer. Only Orlando-area candidates will be considered. Salary will be commensurate with experience and skill level.

    The ideal candidate should have 5+ years of experience designing web-based interfaces and interactions and have worked in a digital agency as well as a demonstrated ability to either follow or define a web interface style guide. Experience with backend technologies, responsive/adaptive design, mobile app and mobile web site design is required. Must possess a strong technical background, and diverse web-based experience. Must have worked serving as the project lead between multiple teams; including tasking and managing development projects to developers, vendors, internal teams and external account teams. Applicant must be a self-motivated and effective problem solver who can prioritize and manage workload to meet critical project milestones and deadlines.

    About You

    • You consider yourself a “full-stack” developer
    • You naturally and obsessively create clean, semantic HTML/(S)CSS
    • You’ve written or contributed to a jQuery plugin or JavaScript library
    • You have created multiple, demonstrable responsive websites that work flawlessly on all modern mobile devices
    • You respect the need to support legacy browsers (within reason), but are more excited about the progressive web
    • You preach the value of modern front-end tooling (GruntJS, Bower, Yeoman) to work faster and smarter
    • You can teach a class on WordPress
    • You have experience managing a team of developers

    Desired Skills and Experience

    • Minimum 2 years working in an interactive agency setting or similar experience
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in Web Development
    • Omnipotent knowledge of HTML, CSS/SASS, and Javascript/jQuery
    • Expert knowledge of responsive/adaptive website coding
    • Strong understanding of browser compatibility, quirks, and behavior (including mobile browsers)
    • Hero-level ability working with PHP and MySQL databases
    • Comfortable with the (UNIX) command line
    • Comfortable working with Git and managing multiple branches of code
    • Experience with caching and other website performance technologies/services
    • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite
    • General knowledge of server setup/administration and DNS configuration
    • Client-facing experience and excellent communications skills